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LGBT+ Speed Dating Nights


LGBT+ Speed Dating Nights

Following the success of our previous two events, our Autumn 2019 Speed Dating event dates have been announced!

Gay and Bi Men’s Night – Weds 9th October 

- inclusive of trans men and non-binary people

Lesbian and Bi Night – Thurs 10th October

- inclusive of trans women and non-binary people

Queer Night – Friday 11th October

- Open to all genders and sexualities. 

Tickets are £8 (includes a donation to our local LGBT+ good cause/charity of the month & a mini buffet on the night) – available to purchase at Flamingos or email

All events are trans inclusive.

Polyamory friendly.

Asexual/ Aromantic friendly.

Neurodiversity friendly.

Gay/Bi Men's Night & Lesbian/Bi Women's Nights - how will it work? 

Each "date" will be 4 minutes in length

On arrival you can make a name tag with your name,pronouns, and anything else you might want to include that you think will be important when meeting new people.

We will provide you with some conversation starters that you can use if you need them.

If there’s anything else you would find helpful (eg. note paper and a pen) let us know on the night or email us in advance.

Half way through we will have a break and serve the mini buffet

There will be time at the end for everyone to mingle and continue conversations - and speak to any other people you have not had the chance to speak to yet! 

Queer Night - how will it work? 


Our Queer Speed Dating Night is open to all genders and sexualities.

The event will run in pretty much the same format as the other two events - i.e. an interval for the buffet etc, four minutes per "date" etc. 


Rather than split everyone by gender or sexuality, everyone who attends will meet everyone else. Perhaps you are only interested in a particular gender? That's absolutely fine! You might end up meeting new friends as well.

 Everyone will be encouraged to wear a sticker with their pronouns, and you can add more information that might be relevant like your sexuality, or if you are aro, ace or poly. Anything you think is important to know when meeting new people and possibly a new loved one!

* Trans & Non-Binary Friendly
* All genders are welcome!
* Asexual/Aromantic Friendly
* There are all kinds of relationships people might be looking for! Ace and Aro people are welcome here. As well as pronoun stickers, people will be able to add whether they are ace, or aro, or poly so everyone starts on the same page.
* Polyamorous Friendly - are you in a polyamorous relationship? That's great! Couples/triads/etc can come as a single unit to meet new people.
* Neurodiversity Friendly


Speed dating can be challenging for many people. Some people may appear anxious or perhaps nonverbal. We respect that and will be sure everyone knows to be considerate. 

Accessibility – The venue is fully accessible (see accessibility page on our website) and the toilet is gender neutral.

Please do provide us with any constructive feedback if you have any comments :) This will help us improve any future events

NOTE - tickets are non refundable, however we may instead allow you to use your ticket at a future event (at our discretion). Please contact us if you can no longer attend.